National Puppy Day Why

Today is National Puppy DayNational puppy Day is held on the 23 of March every year, in case the 23 of March falls on a weekend then it's far celebrated both on Friday or on Monday whichever is close to 23.

Happy National Puppy Day

This present day is celebrated for many reasons some of which can be

  • The love for the puppy’s and the loving and loyalty bond that they share with the humans.
  • This day is also celebrated to bring it to people’s attention the inhumane practices that occur around the world to these poor souls.
  • People are made aware that care should be taken for the puppies that are homeless and living on streets and they should be provided with proper shelter and food.
  • To encourage people to adopt puppies from different puppy shelter.
  • For amusement of puppies.



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