National Puppy Day Interesting History Facts

Wanna know something about the National Puppy Day. Here are some interesting facts to let you know more about this day.
National Puppy Day Interesting History Facts
  • National Puppy Day is celebrated Each Year wither on 23 of March or a day which falls near to 23rd incase if 23 falls on a weekend.
  • This Day was founded in 2006 by the Pet Lifestyle Expert, Animal Behaviorist and Author, Colleen Paige who has also founded the National Dog Day and since then this day is celebrated in UK ever 23 of March.
  1. In 2012 the National Puppy Day became so famous on the social media that people throughout the world started to celebrate it, 23 March now globally is celebrated as the National Puppy Day.
  2. This day was founded to show a token of love to all the puppies that make our lives colourful by their presence.
  3. People take their pets out every year and dress them up. Puppy shows are also arranged for amusements.
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