How To Celebrate International Women's Day | Why Do We Celebrate Women's Day

International Women's Day Celebration is the day for celebrated for women's, its a history about this day, this day specially made for the women's in these days womens are not less than a men, she works better than a men, only a women can do hard work, she need to cook for family and have to feed them, also have to care of her husband and childrens, but nowadays country developed and gave respect to the womens.
International Women's Day Celebration
International Women's Day Celebration

Why Do We Celebrate Women's Day ?

the purpose of this day is to get attention to the political, social, economics and cultural issue which faced by womens,International Women's Day first was celebrated on 19th march 1911. but later it was started celebrated on 8th march. it's the day when womens and mens rallied for support women's rights.
This idea was inspired by an america's national women's day 28 february 1909. which is declared by Socialist Party of America.
In 1910 Socialist International met in Denmark and approved the idea of international women's day 2018.
after that women day is started celebrated on 8th march of every year.
when is women's day celebrated
when is women's day celebrated

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How To Celebrate International Women's Day 

How To  Celebrate Women's Day 8 march is a symbol of struggle of that women around the world undergone to gain respect and equal rights for the women.
there are some special things can help to celebrate this special day, learn more about women what she did and how women got achievement and struggle worldwide. also got involved in politics to donate pro-women organization. you can start campaign for raising awareness of women's issue using social networks.
how to celebrate women's day
how to celebrate women's day

When Is International Women's Day Celebrated

I already told many things about women's day that why do we celebrate women's day and how to celebrate international women's day , but now i am going to tell you when this day is celebrates.
this day is celebrated every year on 8th march. because 8th march is the holiday , this day is sunday, and sunday time is the perfect time for womens, because this is only the day when women's can relax and make some happy moments with her family, and enjoy her time with her hubby and childrens if she is married if is she single she spends her time with her mom and dad.


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